Simplifying Rural
Rural marketing has over the years opened tremendous opportunities for businesses to expand in new geographies and market segments. The power of this sector cannot be ignored as it contributes around half of the country’s GDP consumption pattern.
Recognizing the need to tap rural markets, we have worked together with the top brands of India to penetrate the hinterland. We have executed rural marketing campaigns across sectors of Agri Inputs, Agri Machinery, Automobiles, FMCG, Consumer Durables, Roofing Solutions including Pharma & Health.

Our journey started with Escorts & Eicher, moving on to Telecom (Airtel & Nokia), FMCG brands to even executing social campaigns like “Nischay” with Hindustan Latex and successfully running Rural Attack for the last 10 years with JCB India.

We have deeply studied how the rural market behaves and the following stats and figures help us plan out a strategic direction.

  • India is home to 125 crore people out of which around 70% live in 640,000 villages.
  • Urban markets are getting saturated and this untapped 83.3 crore population in rural India opens tremendous opportunities for marketers.
  • 50% of the rural population is living in 17% villages, population ranging from 2001-10,000 in each village which accounts for 60% of the rural wealth.
  • And thus, marketers can leverage 50% of rural markets by penetrating only in the above 17% of villages.
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